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of tears and blood

a podcast by Nicholas Ryan Howard

A journey into the creative consciousness alongside those who have spilled blood, sweat and tears in relentless pursuit of their craft. Features intimate interviews with talent who have created and performed on the public stage, and facilitation of those who are working through their deepest challenges. Nicholas Ryan Howard unapologetically takes the most honest, raw, and vulnerable approach possible to the topic in a way no one else ever has.

Praise for "of tears and blood"
“Emotional, powerful, and truthful. I've never heard a podcast with such authenticity and honesty. Nicholas Ryan Howard is a master at exploring topics that other hosts shy away from.”
Pierce Brown
— Jada
Listener Review
“Every journey has highs and lows, and this podcast encapsulates the entire adventure that is the creative process. Brave and bold, this show goes where others are afraid to go.”
Keegan Allen
— Anita
Listener Review
Of Tears and Blood inspires through its honesty. Finally, an honest look at the creative process without the sugar coating. It will make you laugh, cry, and always find hope in the darkness.”
Meagan Adele Lopez
— Tina
Listener Review

the podcast

Sacrifice. Endurance. Grit. Perseverance. Blood. Sweat. And tears. This is what it means to relentlessly pursue one’s craft. This is what it means to be fiercely creative.

Nicholas Ryan Howard is an author. A philosopher. A creator. He has led, mentored, and guided a vast number of individuals on the topic of creativity and now, for the first time, ever, he will be sharing his experiences with the world. You are invited to join him in his travels to all corners of the globe, where he has intimate conversations with prolific creators.

Creativity requires tapping into an infinite range of human emotions. It means existing in the light, as well as in the dark. In this podcast we go deep, embrace our vulnerability, and explore the lowest of the lows—but also the highest of the highs. For with the tears of sadness also come the tears of joy. And with the blood of pain, also flows the blood of passion.

Welcome to Of Tears and Blood, where we explore the raw truths of the creative process.

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episodes and guests

The guests who appear on Of Tears and Blood share similar qualities: they are driven, vulnerable, and authentic. It takes tremendous courage to speak so candidly about topics which are rarely discussed, such as pain. Rejection. The detriments of fame. Isolation. The not-so-glamorous side of the creative process. In other words, the perspiration that comes from inspiration.

Interviews recorded thus far are with some of the most prolific actors, comedians, musicians, chefs, directors, and artists on the planet. They all have taken a leap of faith that by speaking openly, they are informing others about not what will happen in the pursuit of creativity, but what could happen, based upon their unique experiences and their individual journeys.

facilitation sessions

Besides the interviews, Nicholas Ryan Howard will also be utilizing his professional experience as a facilitator of psychology to assist others who are stuck creatively—those who feel trapped and can’t seem to break through into the realms that they dream of. You'll be invited to listen in on these sessions and experience firsthand the profound shifts, major breakthroughs, and powerful revelations that occur therein.

sharing your feelings

Are you currently stuck creatively? Do you feel trapped and can’t seem to break through into the realms that you dream of? We invite you to share privately with Nicholas Ryan Howard by selecting the button below. Feel free to vent, express yourself, or ask questions, and Nicholas will do his best to get back to you with some guidance, resources, or words of support. It is always his pleasure to be of service to those in need.

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About the Host

Nicholas Ryan Howard is an author, philosopher, and expert in the field of Creativity. He was educated at The University of Southern California in Communications and trained as a Master Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where he later served as a Director. As a media producer and content creator he has worked on such properties as The Bourne Identity, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, and in the technology sector he has overseen projects for corporations such as Mattel, Sony, and Panasonic. He is the visionary behind the epic Legends of the Grim Reaper saga, the best-selling poetry collection Mercenary at Midnight, and the podcast Of Tears and Blood. Currently he spends his time dreaming up new worlds, counseling individuals on their expansion of consciousness, consulting with organizations, and speaking around the globe.

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