Nicholas Ryan Howard

Author. Philosopher. Creator.

Nicholas Ryan Howard is an author, philosopher, and expert in the field of Creativity. He was educated at The University of Southern California in Communications and trained as a Master Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where he later served as a Director. As a media producer and content creator he has worked on such properties as The Bourne Identity, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, and in the technology sector he has overseen projects for corporations such as Mattel, Sony, and Panasonic. He is the visionary behind the epic Legends of the Grim Reaper saga, the best-selling poetry collection Mercenary at Midnight, and the podcast Of Tears and Blood. Currently he spends his time dreaming up new worlds, counseling individuals on their expansion of consciousness, consulting with organizations, and speaking around the globe.


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of tears and blood

a podcast

A journey into the creative consciousness alongside those who have spilled blood, sweat and tears in relentless pursuit of their craft. Features intimate interviews with talent who have created and performed on the public stage, and facilitation of those who are working through their deepest challenges. Nicholas Ryan Howard unapologetically takes the most honest, raw, and vulnerable approach possible to the topic in a way no one else ever has.

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Mercenary at Midnight

A Collection of Gutsy Verse

This blazing assembly of provocative verse was crafted in the moments of utmost vulnerability, and always after the midnight hour had struck. The poet journeys without allegiance into the harrowing land of introspection armed only with a combination of daring, desperation, and mettle. These 100 poems, tales, and reflections showcase the author's rebellion against complacency, rage against submission, and insurrection against resignation.

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Mortal Enemy:
Legends of the Grim Reaper #1

A Novel and Audio Experience

Mortal Enemy: Legends of the Grim Reaper #1 is a tale like no other. It is a relentless whirlwind of action and adventure. A saga of conflicted heroes and devious villains. A journey rife with darkness and struggle, yet also wicked humor. It is jam-packed with nightmarish scenarios, fantastical environments, rich mythology, incredible weapons, unique technologies, and characters dripping with personality, with shocking surprises awaiting you at every turn. Come experience Death… if you dare.

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Skii: Furious Heart

A Novella

In the bitter cold… in the vicious winds… in the harshest snow… only one hunter has the skill to survive. Skii Tavee. Gifted beyond her years, she has become emboldened by her abilities. An unmatched prowess in tracking, stealth, and hunting has assured her status as an asset to The Grizz, the tribe of warrior nomads who have offered her amity. However, her fierce independence and remarkable aptness in the wild has given rise to an uncertainty: does she need them as much as they need her? This companion story set in the Legends of the Grim Reaper saga may be read either before or after Mortal Enemy.

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Created in Quarantine

An Online Community

Founded on the belief that creativity has no barriers, this thriving online community helmed by Nicholas Ryan Howard is dedicated to sharing and discussing projects created during  voluntary and involuntary quarantine periods due to the recent pandemic. Astounding creations, wonderful endeavors, new businesses, paintings, poems, films, workshops, and so much more have all been born through the support and affinity of the members.

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Facilitation & Coaching

One-on-One, Duo, and Group Sessions

Nicholas Ryan Howard, M.A., has facilitated hundreds of clients in his more than a decade of experience. Sessions are powerful and revelatory, leading to enhanced levels of empowerment and access to the highest peaks of life mastery and creativity.

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Speaking & Consulting

For Corporations / Organizations

Nicholas Ryan Howard has served as a Creative Consultant for major brands, organizations, and high-profile individuals. Utilizing his diverse experience that ranges from adventurous solopreneurs to established Fortune 500 companies, he has brought education, growth, and prosperity to his roster of clients. As a public speaker, his expertise lies in creative empowerment, clarity of communication, and consumer-facing through narrative.

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