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Nicholas Ryan Howard has served as a Creative Consultant for major corporations, organizations, and high-profile individuals. Utilizing his diverse experience that ranges from adventurous solopreneurs to established Fortune 500 companies, he has brought education, growth, and prosperity to his roster of clients. As a public speaker, his expertise lies in creative empowerment, clarity of communication, and consumer-facing through narrative.

Praise for Nicholas Ryan Howard
“Nicholas Ryan Howard is someone on the cutting edge. He ushered us into the future. The ideas he brought to us were unbelievable—but somehow completely doable. With a grasp of all facets of a project including the technical, the creative, and the business side of things, he helped make the impossible possible.”
- Tim Kilpin
Executive Vice President, Mattel
“When I was ready to take my law practice to the next level, Nicholas Ryan Howard was there to help make it happen. He assisted me in navigating the complex worlds of marketing, cybersecurity, and technology, and doing so in a way that felt genuinely enriching. He understood the importance of maintaining the standards of professionality I had built in my firm over the years, while also honoring the spirit of creativity I wished to harness to enhance and elevate my practice.”
- Lavena Mathrani
Attorney and Law Firm Owner
“Nicholas Ryan Howard set an intention to lend his unique expertise to our organization with kindness, creativity, and compassion. He truly delivered on that promise. He supported us in our journey to bring about new paradigms of thought and expression to the University’s marketing and he understood what it meant to be in service to our cherished staff, our beloved students, and our thriving community of graduates. We are deeply appreciative of his time with us, and give him our highest recommendation.”
- Dr. Mary Hulnick
Chief Academic Officer, University of Santa Monica


Nicholas Ryan Howard takes a unique “Creativity First” approach in his consulting practice. Based upon the philosophy that all personnel of an organization—from employees all the way up to executives—benefit from empowerment and self-expression, Nicholas educates, speaks on, and moderates dialogues about topics such as Imparting Effective Feedback, Receiving Feedback Effectively, Transforming Expectations into Explorations, Removing the "Dead" from "Deadlines," A Creative Approach to Problem Solving, Conscientious Collaboration, and so much more.

The breadth and scope of each consulting initiative and speaking engagement is custom crafted based upon the unique challenges the client wishes to be overcome. While many consultants focus purely on the “big picture,” Nicholas speaks and consults with incredible attention paid to enacting tangible changes based upon consensus and an organization's commitment to betterment.


Nicholas Ryan Howard has lent his unique and powerful creative toolset to a vast number of companies, brands, and initiatives. Below is a sampling of some of the major organizations that have found harmony and synergy with his talents.

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While many organizations are in a paralysis stemming from the perspective of “Inside Looking in,” the value of “Outside Looking In” cannot be understated. The most prolific individuals and companies in existence all make use of outside consultants, understanding the true effectiveness of this methodology.

Dynamic, engaging, and inclusive, Nicholas speaks and consults with enthusiasm and passion. His confidence is not disingenuous nor manufactured; his vast experience and track record of positive results give him an assurance unmatched by others in his field. He is, without a doubt, the embodiment of authenticity, creativity, and passion.

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About the Consultant

Nicholas Ryan Howard is an author, philosopher, and expert in the field of Creativity. He was educated at The University of Southern California in Communications and trained as a Master Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where he later served as a Director. As a media producer and content creator he has worked on such properties as The Bourne Identity, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, and in the technology sector he has overseen projects for corporations such as Mattel, Sony, and Panasonic. He is the visionary behind the epic Legends of the Grim Reaper saga, the best-selling poetry collection Mercenary at Midnight, and the podcast Of Tears and Blood. Currently he spends his time dreaming up new worlds, counseling individuals on their expansion of consciousness, consulting with organizations, and speaking around the globe.

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