Creativity Counseling
Powerful Revelatory, and Courageous Expansion
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Creativity Counseling

Creativity Counseling

Powerful Revelatory, and Courageous Expansion

Powerful Revelatory, and Courageous Expansion

Facilitated by Nicholas Ryan Howard

Facilitated by Nicholas Ryan Howard


Nicholas Ryan Howard, M.A., has facilitated hundreds of clients in his more than a decade of experience. Sessions are powerful and revelatory, leading to enhanced levels of empowerment and access to the highest peaks of life mastery and creativity. Focusing on attuning to one's authentic voice, achieving emboldened levels of self-expression, and courageous expansion into new projects and life ventures, these sessions are designed to remove the obstacles standing in the way of fulfilment, joy, and freedom. From this place of elevation, clients are given the opportunity to experience enhanced levels of life performance to make even more meaningful contributions to the world aligned with their passions.



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A special offer for Of Tears and Blood podcast listeners

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Offered as a special initiative for listeners of the podcast Of Tears and Blood, created and hosted by Nicholas Ryan Howard. Listeners may take advantage of the benefits of one-on-one Creativity Coaching sessions at a very special rate, while availability lasts.


Each and every client Nicholas Ryan Howard works with has either been personally referred to him or has been carefully selected through a conscientious application process. In doing so, he ensures a wonderful energetic fit in advance well before a session even begins. Starting from this place of synergy, clients are given the the greatest opportunity possible to excel, and the highest chance for success. Client professions span Hollywood film and television performers, entrepreneurs, influencers, high-powered attorneys, producers, musicians, artists, and so many more. Nicholas Ryan Howard has facilitated hundreds of clients around the globe, but fiercely believes that coaching is an at-need service and each client should be empowered to choose the amount, frequency, and intensity of their sessions.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Nicholas Ryan Howard employs a unique talent to each session that opened up my true self while letting go of what was holding me back. His careful and thoughtful work one-on-one helped to reframed my challenges into joyful, exciting adventures. I experienced direct, profound and lasting results that have enhanced my life and the lives of my family and friends. He is a real hero.”

Creativity Counseling: K

— K

Film and Television Performer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Nicholas has a gift for quickly getting to the root of an issue. Whenever I’m struggling, I typically seek the answer a specific question, but instead leave with far more, including a deeper understanding of myself. Often, I realize that the question was on the surface, but something lay far deeper inside. When working with Nicholas, what you get isn’t the superficial answers you may think you want, but rather the deeper understanding you actually need.”

Creativity Counseling: J

— J

Director and Filmmaker

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I had everything — fame, fortune, and status. But, for some reason, I felt like I had nothing. The more I achieved, the less happy I seemed to become. It made no sense. I took a chance on a session with Nicholas; it was the best decision of my life. After our time was complete, I still had fame, fortune, and status… but I gained something infinitely more valuable: access to my Authentic Self. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful. Nothing will ever be the same.”

Creativity Counseling: R

— R

Film and Television Performer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Just one session changed my life forever. I didn’t think it was possible, but in an hour I saw things in ways I never could have imagined. Nicholas is the real deal. I felt like I had been given my life back. I can’t wait to see what happens next. For the first time in years, I feel optimistic.”

Creativity Counseling: C

— C

Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Sessions & Packages

Nicholas Ryan Howard’s sessions and packages are designed to gracefully move clients into the realms of daring self-expression, courageous expansion, and joyous, unapologetic authenticity. As Nicholas Ryan Howard travels and consults around the world, all sessions and packages are done remotely via video conferencing or phone call, unless specifically stated otherwise. Upon application, you will be placed on the waiting list and alerted when Nicholas has availability.

Case Studies

Please feel free to peruse some of my notes, a sampling of client wins taking place on a variety of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of life.

Film & Television Performer

Upon receiving the news that they did not get a part in a feature film (they were the runner up) my client entered into upset and self-doubt. We worked together to let go of the judgements around what should have been, and instead shifted into the adventure of what lay ahead. I strongly advised my client that there was something else at play here, and that things were rarely as they seem and always for our greatest learnings. Days later, the performer received a phone call: the other actor had backed out, and the part was theirs. They’ve been on the show for a year now, and it’s a huge hit.


My client, a hard worker deep in startup mode on their nonprofit, was experiencing huge feelings of insecurity that their celebrity spouse was advancing so quickly in their career. Overcome with the recurring thought of, “I should be farther along than I am,” we began our sessions. We released the judgment that her career positioning was somehow less than that of her spouse’s. We worked on breaking her free from comparison consciousness, where there was no peace to be found. And now, years later, the nonprofit is thriving even more than they had ever imagined. And things are better than ever with their spouse.


Triggered by political events, this client, in a rage, decided they were going to quit their profession. They were losing themself in their righteousness, getting devoured by outside influences. We re-centered, and I asked how the client may best be of service at this time: was it by perpetuating the anger currently on the planet, or by providing a relief to others feeling the same frustrations? Reinvigorated, they channeled their energy back into their creativity, and began recording their comedy album, which will be released later this year.


After a significant amount of time in “director’s jail,” a term for failing to secure work due to low box office numbers on a recent project, my client was desperate to work again. Offered a project far below their standards, they were about to accept the offer. After we explored what it meant to be in a consciousness of scarcity rather than opportunity, they released the misbelief that quality work would never come again. Instead of accepting the job, they instead created their own opportunity by brushing off an old screenplay they had written and independently producing the project. The project was beloved by critics and won several film festival awards. The director is most certainly now out of “director jail.”


This client was trapped in a cycle of netting huge wins, followed by suffering crushing losses and having to grind it out all over again. They identified that they were like a hero in the movies they produced, always needing to go to battle to overcome impossible odds. Upon clarification that this framing was a choice—that by seeing themself as a warrior they would always need a war to justify their existence—they broke into tears and released the misbelief that work had to be a battle. They started seeing themself as a creator, not as a warrior, and the subsequent projects were near effortless.


Frustrated and bored with the company they had started, this entrepreneur was abundant with cash but impoverished with fulfillment. Feeling “imprisoned” by not wanting to let their business partner father down by leaving the company, my client turned to me for guidance. We worked through the feelings of over-responsibility and unraveled the misbelief about imprisonment, and after finally expressing to their father the desire to leave the company, they had a huge surprise: the father wished desperately to sell the company as well, but was afraid to bring up the topic! Now, the company has been successfully transitioned to a grateful owner, and both the client and father are enjoying exciting new projects more aligned with their passions.

Television Performer

This client was locked into a consciousness of perfectionism. Every day after work they would trash themself for achieving anything less than a flawless performance. What we discovered was that this was a trick of the ego. By rarely hitting that elusive 100% mark, they always had an excuse for why they were not excelling in the industry: they simply weren’t good enough, according to their inner critic. We released the judgment and forgave the part inside that held the misbelief that perfectionism was the path to advancement. As a result of our conversations, this performer has thrived in the television industry, and recently added feature films to their body of work.


Having been unfaithful to their spouse and with a new baby on the way, my client was unraveling. With feelings of their life being over, they were completely at a loss on how to proceed. We worked deeply on all levels, seeing the situation as “what is” instead of “what we think it is.” I counseled my client through the preparations to speak to their spouse, through the separation, and then through the healing—including facilitating the spouse, as well. Two years later, they are taking their first trip together to Italy with their child, not as husband and wife, but as friends who share a delightful and beautiful child together.

Fitness Model

Feeling stagnant in their personal training business, this client was desperately searching for answers on how to level up their career. Lost in an endless cycle of hustling for more clients and burning funds on traditional marketing approaches, we worked with opportunities to mesh their genuine passions—performance and inspiring youth—with their existing business. Within only a month, the transition was complete and they had launched a new social movement initiative focussed on boldness, kindness, and movement through dance and exercise. The movement caught on, with 230K+ followers on social media and an accompanying clothing line.

Animation Director

This client, a lead animator, came to me when their highly popular television show was catching on like wildfire. Totally buried in press and new opportunities, they were unclear on where to focus their energies. We spent time doing an inventory of everything they felt they should be doing, followed by what they truly wanted to be doing. From this perspective, they were able to get control of the chaos and spend their energies on two places where they truly felt passion for: fan outreach and the pursuit of directing opportunities. Currently, this client is the director of a new hit animated show, and in development on two more.


All athletes have coaches. The top CEOs in the world swear by coaches. Musicians, writers, actors, and dancers… they all seek wisdom from the masters. And the truth is, the higher one ascends, the more difficult it becomes to find true, authentic guidance. While many coaches may certainly have knowledge, Nicholas Ryan Howard brings more than that to the table: he brings wisdom. He embodies the spirit of a master because he is an experienced, powerful creator himself. He is a best-selling author. He has consulted with some of the largest organizations in the world. His clients are some of the most prolific people on the planet. And he is, without a doubt, the embodiment of authenticity, creativity, and passion.

About the Facilitator

Nicholas Ryan Howard is an author, philosopher, and expert in the field of creativity. He was educated at the University of Southern California in Communications and trained as a master facilitator in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, where he later served as a director. As a media producer and content creator he has worked on such properties as The Bourne Identity, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, and in the technology sector he has overseen projects for corporations such as Mattel, Sony, and Panasonic. He is the visionary behind the epic Legends of Grim saga, the best-selling poetry collection Mercenary at Midnight, and the acclaimed podcast Of Tears and Blood. Currently he spends his time dreaming up new worlds, counseling individuals on their expansion of consciousness, consulting with organizations, and speaking around the globe.