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Follow the instructions below to set up your account

Note: You will only need to create the account, get the  codes, and deliver them to NRH Media. We will install the codes on your website for you.

1. Register your site and generate API keys

We’ll walk you through how to set up a your account, making it simple.

Step 1: Go to the reCAPTCHA page

  1. Go to Google’s reCAPTCHA page
  2. Sign in or make sure you're signed in with the Google Account you wish to associate with your website.

Step 2: Add a Label

You can use anything, but we recommend simply something like

Step 3: Choose the reCAPTCHA type

Use Challenge (v2) for the reCAPTCHA type, and then pick "I'm not a robot" Checkbox.

Step 4: Specify your domain

Enter your domain name such as, tick the checkbox to agree, then hit submit.

Step 5: Get your codes

  1. Click Copy Site Key to copy the code, and paste it into an email.
  2. Click Copy Secret Key to copy the next code, and paste it into the same email.
  3. Send the email it to your NRH Media representative for integration into your website. Thank you!