I want.
I want her.
She's my new everything.
I want her face in my eyes.
I want her neck in my teeth.
I want to hold her and protect her.
And yet, still devour her.
I want to ruin her.
I want to ruin her for others.
I want to ruin her and destroy her so hard that she forgets about everything, and everyone, but me.

What am I.
Dear god, it hurts.
I'm a beast.
A savage beast.
I want to destroy what I find beautiful?
I want to ruin what I find perfect?

I want to enter.
I want to last.
I want to see the whites in her eyes.
I want to leave claw marks down her back.
I want to destroy the world around me, that fucking asshole world, for putting anything in my way that keeps me from clenching her so hard she turns red.
I'll squeeze her until she bursts.
I don't care.

What the fuck am I.
I'd kill her with my love.
I'd suffocate her with my body.
I'd choke her with my passion.
Dear god.
Keep her the fuck away from me.
Don't let her near me.
I can only destroy her.
I can only destroy.
I can only consume her.
I was bred to consume.
I am a beast.
I am a beast.
I am a beast.

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